“Grilliantly talented”. Grit, brilliance, and talent. It’s true, talent is not enough. Everyone can see the talent but it’s the dedication and hard work that I bring. “Show me,” you ask. In elementary school, I was famous for getting off the bus, only to sit on the curb and finish my homework before entering the house. At age 8, I invented binge watching after receiving the most transformative gift of my life: a complete set of I Love Lucy DVD’S. But watching the famous wasn’t going to be enough for this girl. I realized I needed to tell stories of my own. With big hair and big dreams, I moved from Yardley, PA to pursue my MFA in acting at UCLA. I brought with me my east coast drive, love for musical theater, and the sketch comedy characters I created to take on sunny LA. Thank you 8 year old, Jessica. 







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