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Jessica Toltzis
Sag-aftra & AEA

  Height: 5’8” |   Eyes: Green | Hair: Brown    


 Your Honor                                                          Recurring                                    SHOWTIME

New York

Sidewalk Eggs                                              Passerby #3                         Eugene O'Neill Theater Center (Dir. Talia Feldberg)

Very Strong Liking                                        Ensemble                            The Jewel Box Theater (Dir. Steven Meeker Jr.)

A 24-Decade History of Popular Music      Dandy Minion                     Martel Theater (Dir. Taylor Mac)

Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway                    Lady Bruxton                      NYSAF Powerhouse (Dir. Mark Lindberg)

Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen      Vivian                                  NYSAF Powerhouse (Dir. Francesca Sabel)


The Cherry Orchard                                      Ranevskaya                          Moscow Art Theater (Dir. Ilja Bocharnikovs)


As You Like It                                                 Touchstone                          Pilrig Studio, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

*Lumped Together                                                    Lead                          Jessica Toltzis (writer), Sophie Miller (director)

**Georgeanne                                                           Lead                          Jessica Toltzis (writer), David Kepner (director)

The Doorstep                                                            Lead                           Zach Brenner

Play It Straight                                                           Lead                          Gabriella Spampinato

Pigs in The Sea                                                          Lead                          Tamara Dobry


Voice over & Dubbing

Love Never Lies  (Spanish --> English)                   Series Regular                           NETFLIX

Selected Educational Theater

Where the Lovelight Gleams                          21507                                   Theater Lab, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (Dir. Claire Edmonds)

The Kitchen                                                      Bertha                                  Freud Playhouse, Los Angeles, CA (Dir. Michael Hackett)

The Sun Ladies A Mario Bellow Experience  Woman #3                          Theater Lab, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (Dir. Aya Saleh)

Circle Mirror Transformation                           Marty                                   Warner Main, Oberlin, OH (Dir. Han Taub)

Psycho Beach Party                                          Mrs. Forrest                        Hall Auditorium, Oberlin, OH (Dir. Matthew Wright)

The Baltimore Waltz                                        Anna                                    The Little Theater, Oberlin, OH (Dir. Colin Anderson)

Family Happiness                                            Sergey                                  Hall Auditorium, Oberlin, OH (Dir. Alexis Macnab)

Ordinary Days                                                  Deb                                      The Little Theater, Oberlin, OH (Dir. Colin Anderson)

Urinetown: The Musical                                  Penelope Pennywise           Macaneny Theater, Princeton, NJ (Dir. Stan Cahill)


The Story of Christmas                    Narrator                         National Public Radio (Dir. Stan Cahill)


*Winner, Portland Comedy Film Festival, Best Comedy 2023

**Winner, Houston Comedy Film Festival, Best Mocumentary 2022

**Winner, Austin Comedy Film Festival, Best Mocumentary 2022

**Winner, Portland Comedy Film Festival, Best Mocumentary Micro Film 2020

The Silver Tripod Award, UCLA, 2018

Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Award, Best Supporting Actress, 2014

Montclair State Theater Night Awards, Nominee, Best Supporting Actress in Classical Heightened Text, 2014

Montclair State Theater Night Awards, Nominee, Best Supporting Actress, 2013

Education & Training

UCLA, MFA Acting Candidate, 2021

British American Drama Academy (BADA), 2019 (Full Scholarship)

Oberlin College, BA, Theater Major, Acting Concentration, 2018

SITI Summer Theater Workshop, Summer 2017

Moscow Art Theater, Fall 2016

New York Stage and Film’s Powerhouse Training Company, 2016

The National Theater Institute, Summer 2015

Upright Citizens Brigade

Richard Tatum (Voice Over)

Marianne Wells (Singing)

The Groundlings

Special Skills

Vocal Range: Belt G3 – E5, Mix D5 – A5, Head G5 – F6; Singing: Musical Theater, Pop; Comedy: Physical Comedy, Improv; Stage and Film Combat: Unarmed; Dialects: Classic American, British, Russian, Eastern European, Scottish, Southern, Israeli; Languages: Beginning Russian and Hebrew; Athletics: Softball, Basketball, Skating; Movement: Suzuki, Viewpoints, Droznin, Samba, Ballet; Circus: Clowning, Basic Juggling, Plate Spinning

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